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"Wherever you are on your journey, you are most welcomed here"

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PRIDE is Saturday, September 24th. I hope you will sign up to help us with the booth and to march in the parade. We are having a new banner designed and also are having special t-shirts printed. You can order your t-shirt after the worship service on Sunday
 Below are pics of the shirts. We have them in white and grey. The cost is $16 for S-XL, $17 for 2X, and $18 for 3X. We're all going to wear them during PRIDE to advertise the church. 


Food Pantry - We Need Your Help

 We need your help to help stock our shelves for our Summer clients. We need peanut butter, macaroni & cheese, and tuna.  
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!
Blessings to you all.

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The evolving nature of Christian values

Friday, June 12, 2015, Vol. 39, No. 24


The Rev. Cindy “Cyd” Andrews-Looper’s first message to Nashville: You can be gay, and you can be a conservative Christian, and there is nothing mutually exclusive about those two things.

Her next message: You can be Christian, and you can talk to angels, and there’s nothing mutually exclusive about those two things, either.

Andrews-Looper resigned in October from pastoring the West Nashville church she founded nearly two decades ago, but she’s busier than ever.

She’s spending five months consulting, planning and preaching at Holy Trinity Community Church in Memphis, releasing a book about her life called “Two Pews from Crazy” and teaching seminars on plugging into the spirit realm.

“We read about angels in the Bible. Billy Graham wrote a book about angels,” Andrews-Looper says. “They are God’s messengers, they are here to help God, and God uses them to impart so much of what we need.

“They want to work in tandem with us in making our lives hopeful and living in this place of abundance, but they won’t step in unless we ask.”

Rev. Cyd Andrews-Looper looks to reach people 40-60 years old who may be searching for something meaningful despite life’s setbacks.

-- Submitted

Those ideas may not seem in tandem with her ordination in the Wesleyan church – but she resigned from that when she came out as a lesbian. Booted from her job as a traveling pastor, she arrived in Nashville from South Carolina in 1996 to work in marketing and, still moved to preach, started up a living room-based Bible study attended by eight people.

By 2006, Holy Trinity Community Church in Nashville was affiliated with the United Church of Christ denomination, plus had its own building and three Sunday services.

Her congregation was predominantly gay and overwhelmingly from Southern Baptist, Church of Christ or Pentecostal traditions – churches where they were denied full participation or rejected outright. She performed 10-15 same-sex wedding ceremonies a year, even though the state of Tennessee didn’t see those as legally valid.

She became an active and well-known figure on Nashville’s mainstream religious scene.

Last year, already in touch with a spiritual intuitive about messages she believed were from her dead father – at first through dreams, but sometimes through the appearance of doves, she says – Andrews-Looper took her first sabbatical from the church. She spent a month on Florida’s Gulf beaches, meditating, journaling, painting, praying and walking.

When she returned to Nashville, she made the emotional decision to break with Holy Trinity and pursue her new path – a mixture of Christian theology, Eastern philosophy and New Age spirituality.

Christian faith has an element of fear, she explains, but that’s not necessary. Perhaps Jesus didn’t talk about vibrational frequency or the law of attraction, but in John 15, he talks about living within his disciples and the commandment to love.


She’s aiming her message to an audience of people ages 40-60 who have done everything right, at least in this physical world’s estimation – earned an education, got a job, joined a church, got married and had kids. But instead of feeling fulfilled, they’ve been left underemployed by the recession, divorced at least once, perhaps addicted to drugs or alcohol or something else – and completely disillusioned.

Andrews-Looper wants to tell them that none of those surface things are real.

“My desire is to speak to the very real part of them, the authentic part of them – their soul,” she explains.

“I want to remind them that they are and always have been an eternal, spiritual being infinitely loved by God. Somewhere along the way, when all this was happening, they disengaged the unseen spiritual realm.

“The physical realm is defined by scarcity and finiteness. Who they are is not this physical body. Who they are is their soul.”

Intelligent people can debate that theology. What’s clear is Andrews-Looper’s passion for it – a passion perhaps lost after years of preaching her traditional brand of Christianity, inclusive as it was.

To reach her, email igniteursoulnow@gmail.com.

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Rev. Cynthia Andrews-Looper

Ignite Your Soul Now Ministries

11:00 A.M. Worship


Greetings! I greet you with hope in the name of the Risen One!

In July 1996, I began a small Bible study in Nashville, TN with a few friends. I had no idea that in two months that little group would have blossomed to 25 and would want to start a church. There was a need for a safe spiritual place for the lgbtq Christians to attend. I knew that I didn’t want the church to be a “gay church.” I wanted it to be a church who sought to follow Christ and live out His unconditional love for all who entered. Someone in our group knew of and had attended Holy Trinity-Memphis and suggested that we reach out to the pastor. I did and in early November, I, my partner and two members of our little church came and spent the weekend with the Rev. Tim Meadows and his partner, Chris. The conversations and support we received from them was life-giving to me. They shared so much helpful information and offered to help in any way possible. The highlight was worship on Sunday at an old bread factory that had been renovated and made into a sacred space. The Spirit and Presence of Christ was palpable. And, there were over 150 in worship that day!! We were blown away by the vitality of this amazing congregation. We were filled to overflowing with God’s love from our brothers & sisters. We were so moved, in fact, that we ask if we could call our little church in Nashville, Holy Trinity Community Church as well. And, we did! Your congregation allowed us to use your tax ID number until we could file and receive our own. We also used the bylaws already outlined by your church and began our official journey in Nashville!

In the summer of 1998, my son, Hayden, was born. In the fall, my partner and about a dozen friends made the trip to Memphis to have him baptized. You had moved from the bread factory to purchase your own property, a bank which you had renovated into a sacred space. Once again, the love and support from your congregation was amazing! Over the years, I stayed in touch with Tim and our congregations did retreats on occasion. As HT-Nashville began to grow, it became more difficult to stay in touch. However, the place that Tim Meadows and the members of the HT-Memphis congregation have held in my heart has never changed.

I was contacted by the HT-Memphis leadership about helping with the transition that would follow Paul being called to another church. Because of the place you have held in my heart for many years, it took me little time to seriously consider accepting this assignment. I prepared a proposal that would allow for visioning and growth into the future. Your council accepted it and I have prepared a campaign called, Forward in Hope Together. We will walk together and discover who HT-Memphis is at her best. We will vision and plan for the future. We will find new connections and renew old ones. We will step into the divine birthright of abundance and blessings for HT-Memphis! You will be well prepared for the 25th anniversary in October. I envision a standing room only crowd to celebrate this amazing milestone.

I hope you are as excited as I am. This is going to be an amazing journey together. We will stand back in October and celebrate what God has done in us and among us. If you have friends or family who do not have a church home, please invite them. If you know of members who no longer attend and have not found another family of faith, please invite them to return. We will journey Forward in Hope Together!

Peace and grace to you, my dear brothers and sisters!


The Food Pantry at the church continues to have steady use by our neighbors in the community hard hit by the economic times we are presently facing. Donations of food from congregants has sustained the pantry. This week our needs included canned meats, soups, canned vegetables, canned fruit, pasta, pre-packaged ready to eat meals and any other non-perishable product that hungy people might need. Food donations may be dropped off at the church office.

Food Pantry Hours

 Monday - 10AM - 4PM

Tuesday - 10AM - 4PM

The generosity of our congregation to support this important outreach to our neighborhood has been remarkable. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference.

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